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Ready to Eat Indian Food, is a marketing portal of our trading company called SRRM Trading Ltd. 

SRRM Trading Ltd. is based in Surrey, BC. We are the sole distributor of Ready to Eat products from “Standard Kitchen Traditional Indian Food” in Canada, and planning to introduce in USA in next year. We bring 50+ traditional Hyderabadi and Indian ready to eat products.

about our product

Standard Kitchen Traditional Indian Food

Our products are manufacture in India under the supervision of expert Chef. The main specialty of our food is packing. As our food is having 18 months validity at room temperature. It is also a temperature resist. There is no preservatives are added in it. Its 100% Natural food. All our non-veg products are Halal, which is certified by the organization “All India Jamait ul Ulmaa”

Our Product Key Features

Ready to Eat


Temperature Resists

18 Months Expiry

No Preservatives

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Trading Ltd.

  • 12785 58a Ave Surrey BC V3X 3K4
  • +1 (236) 795-1563
  • srrm.trading.ltd@gmail.com

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